Promote your business to the thousands of people who join us for golf, tournaments, dining and walking around the Participaction Trail!  We see all of our sponsors as partners and family at Lone Wolf Golf Club and will work with you to find the right opportunity for you!

Lone Wolf Golf Club is all about being somewhere that you feel at home.  The phrase you will here us say is “You belong here.” and it’s true!  We attract a diverse group of people, those who golf and those who don’t, the basic common denominator is FUN and BELONGING.  What better way to connect with your customers but when they are having fun and feel like they are at home.

We can help you reach a certain demographic, donate to great local charity events, use tournaments or leagues as a great networking opportunity or simply save on green fees.  Simply click on a link below for details and contact Ryan today to discuss the best way for you to become part of our family.

Looking to book an event with us?  Click here for more information, it can be easier than you think to put on a fantastic tournament!






Looking for sponsorship or donations from Lone Wolf Golf Club?  Requests can be forwarded to Ryan, please include a letter that identifies the organization and event requesting a donation and ensure you provide us sufficient time to consider your request.  (Please note, that as we are owned by the District of Taylor, requests should be made to either the District or the Golf Club, but not both).